Marty Kiser Sculpture in Obduction Game Video November 2015

Backing a new video game by a favorite gaming company is rewarding.  Seeing one’s surreal ceramic sculpture in the game is cool.  Seeing it in a developer team video and hearing the 3D builder describe it as “one of the most interesting things” he had to work on and “crazy” (e.g. fun to build) — now that is just awesome!

Marty Kiser Clay Sculpture in Obduction Team Video

Here’s the link to the Cyan Obduction Team Video Part 2

At 3:52 (Don’t watch the whole video if you don’t want game spoilers!)

This image shows the drawing, the sculpture, and the 3D object.  Quantum – all exist at the same time!

Quantum Artwork - 2D-3D-Virtual

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